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January 23, 2020 Announcements 

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Lancer of the Day is Elle Vuilleman


The East Fund is proud to announce the 6th installation of the Lancer Legacy - Senior Wall Project.  6x6 tiles are available for purchase that display your senior's first and last name, activities and/or phrase (20 characters or less including spaces) and background artwork. Each tile is printed in Lancer Blue with the background artwork in gray and will  be mounted on a dedicated wall as a permanent fixture at SME.  All proceeds will benefit the Love Fund. Order by February 1st for Discount Pricing.  All Orders Must Be Received on or before Feb. 10th.  Click here for form

Club Penguin – or SM East Sweetheart Dance will be Saturday February 1st from 8-10pm; tickets are available outside of room 307 before and after school, and in the cafeteria during lunch.  Forms for non-East students are located in the office.  Tickets will be $10 before the dance and $20 at the dance.

Submit to the Freelancer, East's literary arts magazine! The magazine accepts submissions of poetry, prose, photography, paintings, drawings, fashion, makeup, original musical compositions, and all other types of art. If you're interested in submitting, email smefreelancer@gmail.com with a copy of your piece, its title, and your name. Submissions are due February 29 at 11:59 p.m. The Freelancer staff meets Thursdays after school in room 522, so if you're interested in getting involved with the composition of the magazine, stop by. It's never too late to join!

Trivia Night is Wed. Jan. 29th – put on your thinking caps and form a team!  Teams are made of 4-5 East students and a staff member, plus a $25 entry fee.  Winning team splits the entry fees with a charity of their choice.  Forms available outside of rooms 307 and 412; due to Ms. Fishman by Friday.