School Clubs

Shawnee Mission East 2018-2019

 *Club information is posted daily on the school announcements.  Please watch for updates and/or changes to the information below.  If you have questions, please see the sponsor listed in their classroom.

American Sign Language
Jennifer Hensley
Description: The American Sign Language club focuses on learning and practicing ASL with your peers. We will also explore deaf culture and the deaf community. Everyone is welcome to join American Sign Language club. The only thing that you will need is yourself!
Meetings: Meetings are every-other Wed in room 207.  This month the meetings are on Oct. 10 and Oct. 24.

Art Club
Adam Finkelston
Description:  No skill or experience necessary.  Use your powers for good and help
make the world a prettier place.  Everyone should come!
Meetings:  Room 204 at 2:45PM on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays

Bollywood Dance Club
Melanie Miller
Description:  Bollywood Dance Club is for anyone who is interested in learning to dance and engaging in cultural Indian activities.  You won't regret coming!
Meetings:  Room 523 at 2:45PM on Wednesdays 

Chemistry Club
Sponser: Steve Appier 
Description: Creating an electrolyte cell for reduction of carbon emissions. Entering Greater KC Science Fair.
Meetings: Room 403 at 2:45PM on Fridays

Chinese Club
: Hau-in Lau
Description:  Chinese club will discuss Chinese culture, food and more.  All students welcome.
Meetings: Room 201 at 2:45 on 1st Thursday of the month.

David Muhammad
Description: Coalition is a student led humanitarian group that focuses on awareness and fundraising for a variety of causes.  Feel free to GET INVOLVED!!!
Meetings: Room 309 at 2:45PM on Thursday.

Disc Golf
Andy Gibbs
Description: Disc Golf Club is a time to learn about Disc Golf and, most importantly, have fun.  Meet new people through the biggest growing sport in America! Associated with Dynamic Discs, we will have a prize at the end of the day for the best new player of the day and will have pros come in and teach lessons.  After a quick clinic, we will go and play nine holes at the Harmon Disc Golf course. Wrap it up with a gathering and high fives all around! Join Today!
Meetings:  Harmon Park Shelter at 3:00-4:30PM on Mondays

Diversity & Inclusion 
David Muhammad and Samantha Feinberg 
Description: A group that promotes cross-cultural understanding, harmony, and positive relationships. Raising awareness and including students of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, religions, ages, and much more.  
Meetings: See announcements for meeting dates/times 

Fashion Club
Mercedes Rasmussen
Description: The fashion club is a group of students meeting to discuss all types of fashion. They look at current trends along with looking at trends of years past. They not only engage in fashion discussions but often develop and make their own fashion statements during the meetings. Everyone is welcome!
Meetings: They meet in Room 500 once a month.

Family Career and Community Leaders of America Club (FCCLA)
Samantha Abel
Description:  FCCLA is a co-curricular organization that aims to help youth in public and private schools with family bonds, careers, and participation in the community.
Meetings:  Room 227 at 2:45 on Thursdays

Fantasy Football Club
Steven Laird
Description: This club provides a space for students to meet and talk about statistics and projections of players. Also go over team strategies and trades. 
Room 306 Thursday's after school  

Feminist Club
  Steve Klein
Description:  Discussions are held regarding gender equality issues within the SME community.
Meetings:  Room 317 at 2:45PM on Wednesdays

FreeLancer – Literary Magazine
 Amy Andersen
Description:  FreeLancer is Shawnee Mission East's literary magazine. Student editors solicit and select works of Lancers' writing and art from many genres. One issue of FreeLancer is created each year; issues are sold in the spring upon completion of the publication.
Meetings:  Room 522 at 2:45 on Thursday.

French Club
  Gina Halksworth & Laure Losey
Description:  Join in with other students to explore the French culture.  Listen to speakers.  Food and fun!
Meetings:  Room 511 at 2:45PM on 2nd Monday of the month.

French Honor Society
  Laure Losey
Description:  For Junior and Seniors only.  Must be accepted in FHS by Teacher.
Meetings:  Room 501 at 2:45PM on Mondays

Gaming Club:
  Nate Southwick
Description:  In Game Club, we play all kinds of games including (but not limited to!) board, card, and video games. Everyone is welcome to come and play!  Bring your own games in or learn how to play some of the games in the collection.
Meetings:  Room 405 at 2:45PM on Fridays

Gay Straight Alliance
Melinda DiGirolamo
Description:  GSA is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, and talk about issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.
Meetings:  Room 524 at 2:45PM on Thursday

Glow Club
Jennifer Holder
Description: This is a group that can help get students healthy, and make smart health choices.
Meetings: Meeting at 2:45pm on Wednesdays

Happy Club
Ken Foley
Description:  Stop by the choir room and to help plan activities that brighten the day of students and staff.
Meetings:  Outside Aux Gym at 7:15AM every other Friday.

Harry Potter Alliance Club
Sue Hallstrom
Description: A group that gathers to discuss a love and appreciation for Harry Potter 
Meetings: Room 402 every other Monday 

Hispanic Heritage Club
Sue Hallstrom
Description: Come plan fun events and fundraisers that highlight different Hispanic cultures, all welcome!
Meetings: Room 402 at 2:50PM on Tuesdays

Investment Club
Rob Bickers
Description: The purpose of investment club is to create an opportunity for East students to learn about the stock market and share their ideas about the markets and the economy with other like minded students.
Meetings: Meets Wednesdays after school in 314.

International Club
 Brenda Fishman
Description:  Listen and learn about cultures and places around the world.
Meetings: Library, 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Latin Club
Dr. Athanasia Worley
Description:  Latin students and friends interested in the ancient world.  SME Latin Club is part of the Junior Classical League at both state (KJCL) and national (NJCL) levels.
Activities: Lancer Day Parade, Ultimate Discus (KJCL), tee shirts, formal induction, ancient coins (KJCL: clean, ID, take home), Cena Romana, breakout room (KJCL), museum trips, Latin-Con (KJCL), and LatinFest. Leadership opportunities and academic awards available.
Meetings:  Room 505 at 2:45PM Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Check whiteboard/JCL chat group.

Math Club
Chris Burrows
Description: Math Club explores math concepts independent of the set curriculum. 
Meetings: Room 419 at 2:45PM every other Wednesday

Minding Your Mind Club
Adam Finkelston
Meet every Friday in room 204

Model UN Club
:  Steve Klein
Description:  Discussions about current events.  There is also food and fun.
Meetings:  Room 317 at 2:45PM on Thursday.

National Honor Society
:  Melinda DiGirolamo
Description:  For Juniors and Seniors only.  Must be accepted in NHS by Teacher.
Meetings:  Room 524 at 2:45PM

New to East Community Club
:  Jennifer Holder
Description:  If you are new to SME, join us Thursday. 
Meetings:  Room 512 at 2:45PM on Thursday.

Outdoor Club
Nate Southwick 
Description: Outdoor Club seeks to encourage students to stay active and appreciate the outdoors by organizing outdoor opportunities such as hiking. Additionally, Outdoor Club will participate in trail cleanup and other community service to keep the outdoors beautiful.
Meetings: Meeting in Room 405, the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month

Pep Club
  Jodie Schnakenberg
Description:  Pep Club supports all Lancer activities and is open to all students.  Pep Club organizes and stages major events such as Lancer Day and pep assemblies.  Officers and executive committee members are elected in the spring. 
Meetings:  Room 205 at 7:15AM Tuesdays.

Photography Club
  Adam Finkelston
Description:  No skill or experience necessary, just an interest in photography.  All are welcome!
Meetings:  Room 204 at 2:50PM on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays.

Robotics Club
Vinnie Miller and Brian Gay 
Description: No prior skills needed, just an interest in robotics!
Meetings: Room 105, listen to announcements for meetings times/dates

SHARE (Students Helping in Areas Related to Education)
Krissie Wiggins
Description: Largest student led community service organization in the country.  Students are encouraged to sign up for events and service projects.  SHARE events are held throughout the year and involve many organizations in the KC Metro area.
Meetings:  Sign up for events held during the year at the SHARE Sign Up in the Fall.  See Krissie Wiggins in Room 463.

Stem Club
Jennifer Davis
Description: The club is intended to introduce students at SME to what STEM is, and different pathways that can be taken outside of high school.   
Meetings: Room 300A Meeting at 2:45PM the first Monday of each month.

Student Council
Brenda Fishman/Hannah Pence
Description:  All students can join in with the STUCO projects that go on during the year. 
Meetings:  Room 307 and Room 412.

Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB) Club
  Bill Hiles
Description:  Activities include a book club, organizing celebrations, annual book fair and ways to promote the Library.
Meetings: Library at 2:45PM on the 3rd & 4th Tuesdays of the month.

Tereré Club
 Kristin Anderson 
Description: Tereré is a traditional Paraguayan tea that is served with special loose tea (yerba), a cup (guampa), and straw (bombilla). Cold water is poured over the tea, and the entire cup is drunk before passing along the cup. 
Meetings: First Tuesday of every month at 2:45PM (starting in spring) 

Ukulele Club
Adam Keda
Description:  Learn to play the ukulele with new friends.
Meetings:  Room 212 at 2:45PM on Thursdays.

Young Republicans 
 Andrew Sandoy
Description:  A group of high school Republicans that discuss current topics relevant to the Republican Party. The group also participates in school debates with other politically charged clubs at SME.
Meetings: Meeting every other Wednesday, starting October 3rd. 

Youth in Government Club
  Stephen Laird and Curtis White
Description:  Youth in Government is a mock legislative program that supports students in their learning about bill writing and how state legislatures operate in the United States. Participating students will have an opportunity to travel to the Topeka Capitol Building to take part in the annual Youth and Government Conference.
Meetings: Room 313 as scheduled by Iman Jaroudi, Youth Governor of Kansas 2017-18