Attendance Guidelines

Attendance Procedures

Call Hotline  913-993-6645

For Parents/Guardians

Students must check IN and OUT through Attendance Office


  1. Students who need to leave the building during the day for an appointment need to bring a note to the attendance office in the morning before school and will be given a pass to show to their teacher. This helps facilitate your student meeting you quicker, especially during Seminar when students travel to different teachers.



  1. Please call the attendance office as early as possible if your student is ill or will be late due to an appointment. The Hot-Line is 993-6645. Please provide student name, spell last name, reason for absence and phone number where you can be reached. With our new system SKYWARD it is imperative that students check in and out through attendance.  If a student comes in late they need to check with Attendance first before going to class.



  1. Students may not leave the building without prior approval from the Nurse (if he or she is ill) or from an Administrator for any other reason. This is school policy. This is for your child’s safety.



  1. If a student will be absent for a future date, the student must obtain a pre-absence form from the attendance office. This must be signed by teachers and a parent.



  1. If you forget to call your students absence in for the day, you have 48 hours to report the absence, otherwise the absence will remain as unexcused.



SM District Attendance Guidelines
SMSD attendance guidelines state that after a student misses 10 days (defined as missing 50% or more class periods), documentation is required in order to excuse an absence.  This could be doctor’s notes for illness or handouts from a college visit.  School activities are not included in this total.