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FREE February 20th ACT  

  • This is a real ACT and will be given at SME on the morning of February 20th
  • Registration is on Skyward (student access)
  • Eligible students:
    • Any Shawnee Mission high school junior
    • Any Shawnee Mission high school senior who has not yet taken an ACT or WorkKeys assessment
  • The ACT WorkKeys assessment is also available to take for free on Thursday Feb. 21st.
    • WorkKeys measures the skills employers are looking for. More information is available here.
Students may take either or both assessments.

Deadline to register for both is November 5th.

For more information see the attached Statewide ACT Testing Brochure:  Statewide ACT Brochure.docx 


Fall 2018 Information & Deadlines

Schedule Change Requests

The deadline to add a new fall or yearlong class for credit was Thursday, Aug. 9th.
Students may request a spring semester class change until Friday, December 14th.

For fall semester, students may only drop a course to be a lab assistant for a teacher, which is a no-credit, non-graded course. 

Important Deadlines: (from SMSD Program of Studies, pg.23)

  • By August 31:  Students who request to withdraw from a course and submit a lab assistant application within the first three weeks of school (by August 31st) will have the dropped course removed from their transcript.
  • After August 31:  Any student who initiates a request to withdraw from a course after August 31st will have the dropped course remain on their transcript with either a "W/P" or "W/F" (indicating whether the student was passing or failing at the time they withdrew from the course). Marks of W/P and W/F are not computed in a student's gpa.
  • By November 27:  Students may not withdraw from a course during the last three weeks of the semester, so the last day to withdraw from a course is November 27th. All requests to withdraw from a course must be initiated before November 27th to ensure the withdrawal is processed by November 27th. No student may drop a course after that date.

Lab Assistant process

  1. To withdraw from a course, students first visit with the teacher(s) of their choice to inquire about being a lab assistant.
  2. Then they should contact their counselor to begin the process. The counselor will check the student's graduation credits to confirm they may drop the course.
  3. The teacher will then submit a request directly to the principal for approval.
  4. After the principal approves the request, the counselor will give the student the application.
  5. Students must continue attending their original course until their schedule has been changed in Skyward.

Students may have only one lab assistant class per semester, so they are not allowed to drop more than one course per semester.

If you believe there is an error in your schedule (missing class, wrong grade level, haven't taken the prerequisite, have already taken the class, etc.), please send your counselor an email.

JCCC College Now

Dual credit, or concurrent credit, is college credit that is earned concurrently with high school course credit in a particular class.

Apply to JCCC by August 31st

Course enrollment deadline is Sept. 14.

Detailed instructions for students new to College Now.

Instructions for students continuing with College Now.

Use this complete Enrollment Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to enroll and click here for the course schedules and numbers:  2018 Fall & Yearlong College Now Course Schedules


For the SME College Algebra Trig course, please see 

highlights of quick step plus


Quick step enrollment guide