Class of 2025 Enrollment Materials

BEFORE you fill out your Course Request Card, consult all of the materials on this webpage. 

Not all courses listed in the Program Planning Guide will be offered at SME.
Please use only the SME Freshman Course List to find courses offered at SME.

(Keep in mind that we will only be able to offer electives if enough students request them and there are often course conflicts; that's why choosing alternates carefully is important.)

Enrollment Timeline for Indian Hills 8th graders.

(Students currently enrolled at other schools, please contact the SME Counseling Office for information.)
  • Friday, Jan. 22:            During their Knight Time class, students will review enrollment materials and learn how to complete and submit their Freshman Course Request Card online.
  • Monday, February 1:   Completed Course Request Card must be submitted to Canvas by the end of the day. Note: Courses entered on the Course Request Card are not “locked in,” and may be changed when students meet with their SME counselor, but the form still needs to be completed fully and submitted on time to ensure the process works smoothly. 
  • Friday, Feb. 5:    Students will meet individually with their SME Counselor via WebEx during their Social Studies class. Students will be able to ask questions, discuss options, and change their course choices during this meeting. For an optimal experience, students should ensure they have fully completed and submitted their Course Request Card no later than February 1st.

SME is hoping to host incoming freshmen and their parents for an evening welcome event sometime later this semester. Information will be provided as soon as it’s available. 

We understand this process can be complicated and that you may have questions! Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions on the SME Enrollment Resources website. It includes the process for contacting SME counseling staff if you have questions that aren’t addressed in the materials on the Enrollment Resources website. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer School

  • Information about SMSD Summer School will be posted as soon as it is available.