Enrollment Resources

Materials for 2020-21 enrollment will be posted for each grade level as soon as they are available in early January 2020. Please check back for updated information.

Consult the SMSD Program Planning Guide for complete course descriptions, including prerequisites and fees

Not all courses listed in the Program of Studies will be offered at SME.
Use the Course List for your grade level to find courses offered at SME.

PROGRAM PlANNing guide


Enrollment for all 2020 SUMMER SCHOOL classes (including online courses):

  • See links below for courses.

  • Forms must be submitted in person (by student or parent) and payment must be made at the time of enrollment

  • Beginning Feb. 3rd:  SME will accept completed enrollment forms and payment---check or cash only the first week---in person (from student or parent) in the SME Counseling office. Enrollment forms will be timestamped in order of receipt and entered in that order beginning on the 10th.

  • Beginning on Feb 10th: Enrollment will accept completed enrollment forms in person (from student or parent) in the SME Counseling office and payment may be made by check, cash or credit card.

  • Counseling office hours are 7:00-3:20.  The building offices will be closed for President’s Day on February 17th.

Summer Academy

  • See brochure for important details and enrollment information
  • At SM North, 7:00 a.m. - noon, M-F
    • Session 1:  June 8-26  
    • Session 2:  July 6-24
  • NOTE:  Team Games is open only to students will be in grades 10-12 in 2020-21
  • Enrollment begins Feb. 10th, deadline June 1st @ noon for June session

  • $180 per course (+$35 extra for Intro to Art)

  • Daily attendance required


  • Summer session:  May 26 - June 30

  • $180 per course

  • All work done online, but final exam must be taken at school on designated date --- see eSchool website for important information!

  • For initial credit only (not credit recovery)
    Art History, Health, and Fitness for Life (PE)

  • Mandatory orientation session attendance in May (after school, on one of three dates)