Frequently Asked Questions

How do I have a transcript sent to a college or university?

  • You must see the SME registrar, Melanie Lowe, first for all transcript submission methods (mailed, electronic, or uploaded). Students must submit a completed transcript release form, in person, to Mrs. Lowe.

  • Before requesting a transcript, you should always confirm first that your college or university actually needs and wants a transcript right now---many do not! If the school uses self-reporting for courses and grades, you'll just enter them yourself. Do not request that a transcript be sent unless you're sure they want and need it.

  • If you're sure the college needs a transcript, you may request it through your Xello account. Only students may do this (parents are not able to request transcripts using their child's Xello account). See this attachment for directions and screenshots.

  • If you are applying to a school via Common App or SendEdu, your counselor will upload your transcript and each college will download it only after you have submitted your application to that college.

  • Some schools allow your counselor to upload your transcript directly to their portal. Discuss this with the registrar when you sign your transcript release card and she will let your counselor know.

  • For all other application methods, the registrar will send your transcript to the college or university.

Do I need to send a transcript to all of the colleges I’m applying to?

No, some schools (for example, KU & K-State) use the “self-report” method and do not want you to send them a transcript when you apply. You will enter your courses and grades online when you apply. (Obtain an unofficial transcript from the registrar to make it easier to fill in your application.)

How do I know whether a college or university needs a transcript?

Follow instructions on each school’s web site. Do not send a transcript to a school that does not want or need it. It could delay processing of your application.

What about transcripts for scholarship applications and other programs?

Some scholarships, honors programs, and other special programs may require a transcript, even if you don’t need to submit one with your general application for admission.

 *NOTE:  The KU Honors Program no longer requires a transcript as part of their application process. Follow instructions on their website.

For other programs, check details on their website; some will allow you to upload an unofficial transcript. If they need an official transcript sent directly, see the registrar.

How do I have my transcript sent to the NCAA?

See the SME registrar, Melanie Lowe, in the Student Services / Counseling office.

Will you send my final transcript to the college I’m attending after I graduate?

In April, each senior will complete a senior survey, which includes designation of the college they’ve decided to attend. SME will send your final transcript to that school in June.