Dress Code

Student Dress

The general atmosphere of a school must be conducive to learning. Generally, attire at school should be considered “learning outfits” which are different from those that might be considered more suitable for evening wear or an exercise class. A student's clothing or general appearance which materially or substantially interferes or disrupts the educational environment or invades the rights of others is prohibited. Additionally, a student's clothing or appearance which is vulgar, indecent, obscene or insulting, or which promotes or encourages behavior such as smoking, drinking, drug use, physical or sexual violence or the use of illegal substances, or which promotes illegal activities is prohibited. Outdoor clothing such as headgear, sunglasses, gloves, coats, etc., is to be removed upon entering the building and stored in lockers or other school designated areas.

Hats, Hoodies, Bandanas, Coats, & Outdoor Wear
Hats, hoodies, and bandanas are not to be worn or seen in the building during the school day. Hats should be left in cars, lockers, or backpacks. Items confiscated by a staff member may be kept in the office until the end of the school year. If any of the above items are confiscated by a staff member, they will be kept until a parent picks the item up from the office.
To insure the safety of all students, chains are not to be worn. Chains will be confiscated and violators are subject to disciplinary actions.
Skateboards are not allowed on the SM East campus. Skateboards are not to be brought into the building or student lockers. In addition, skateboarding on the SME grounds is prohibited.