Code of Conduct

As members of the Shawnee Mission East community, we desire to promote an environment in which all individuals can realize their greatest potential.  To achieve this goal we expect students, faculty, parents, administrators, and staff members to interact on and off campus in a respectful, honorable, and compassionate way.  Negative interactions often take the form of bullying and harassment.  Shawnee Mission East prohibits both forms of negative interaction.

Bullying is any hurtful, negative behavior that is done deliberately and is repeated especially after the victim has asked that it stop.  Bullying can also be defined as one or more individual or group exposing another individual or group to negative actions/behavior on a one-time or repeated basis.  This includes cyber-bullying. 

Harassment is defined as engaging in unacceptable or inappropriate behavior toward another on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, body type or other protected categories.  For example, sexual harassment involves sexually-oriented or themed behavior that is unwelcome or offensive it its recipient.  If the recipient of bullying or harassment feels comfortable doing so, she/he should immediately tell the offending individual(s) to stop the behavior.

If the unwelcome or offending behavior continues or if the individual or group feels too intimidated or embarrassed to inform the individual(s) to stop, then the student should report the instance using the bullying app provided on all devices.  Shawnee Mission East will promptly investigate all complaints, either verbal or written, and take appropriate action against any student or employee who is found to have violated this policy.​